The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show with Gary Bryan

Lisa Loves Showbiz: George Clooney Threatens To Sue Magazine Over Invasive Photos

“The safety of our children demands I sue.”

K-EARTH 101–07/31/2017

Pink’s Hot Dogs Stops By For National Chili Dog Day

Just last week, Pink’s hit a milestone of selling over 15 million chili dogs since 1939!


Arsenio Hall Chats With Gary Bryan and Lisa Stanley

He even told us what he’ll have to change once O.J. Simpson is released from prison!

K-EARTH 101–07/26/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: ‘Justice League’ Producers Forced To Edit Out Henry Cavill’s Mustache

Superman has a problem, a super mustache problem.

K-EARTH 101–07/26/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: ‘Bachelorette’ Trouble Maker DeMario Jackson Gets Rejected By Britney Spears

He was persistent, that’s for sure, but never hooked up with Spears.

K-EARTH 101–07/25/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: ‘The Bachelorette’ Takes The Remaining Men Home To Meet Her Parents

It’s down to the wire for bachelorette Rachel.

K-EARTH 101–07/25/2017

LISTEN: Steve Guttenberg Talks ‘Ballers’ With Gary and Lisa

He tells us what it is like working alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!


Lisa Loves Showbiz: Hilary Duff’s Home Burglarized While On Vacation

We say this all the time, if you are on vacation don’t post pictures showing you are on vacation.

K-EARTH 101–07/24/2017

Lisa Love Showbiz: Ben Affleck ‘Batman’ Rumors To Rest

Ben Affleck showed up to Comic Con this weekend to put rumors to rest.

K-EARTH 101–07/24/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: O.J. Simpson’s Parole Conditions

After nine years behind bars, the “Juice” will be on the loose.

K-EARTH 101–07/21/2017

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