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Donald Trump - King of the Comb Over and 'Reverse Raccoon' Eye Makeup

Gary Bryan’s Exclusive Interview With Donald Trump’s Hair!

  Gary Bryan received a special call to the show this morning from none other than Donald Trump’s hair!   He had some exclusive inside information from deep in the Donald’s Presidential Campaign!      […]

K-EARTH 101–08/18/2015

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Norm MacDonald Is Now The New Colonel Sanders For KFC!

Darrell Hammond is out and Norm Macdonald is in as the new Col. Sanders! Check it out!  

K-EARTH 101–08/18/2015

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Does This University Of Alabama Sorority Video Cross The Line?

A recruiting video for the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi sorority was denounced by the school and declared “worse for women than Donald Trump” by one writer before being swiftly deleted from YouTube. The video shows […]

K-EARTH 101–08/18/2015


ANGRY BABY Is The New Internet Sensation!

Move over Grumpy Cat…. you have some new competition! Meet “Angry Baby”!  He refuses to smile!

K-EARTH 101–08/17/2015

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Watch This Guy Lip-Sync An Entire 7 Hour Road Trip With His Sister!

So what do you do when you’re on a 7 hour road trip with your sister? You lip-sync every song on the radio!! The ending is the best!

K-EARTH 101–08/17/2015

Photo: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images

Movie Man Reviews ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

There’s no better place to spend time when it’s 100 degrees out than an air conditioned movie theater.  And what Movie Man is calling the last real weekend of the summer movie season, this is […]


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‘Sesame Street’ Is Moving From PBS to HBO

Big changes for Big Bird and Bert & Ernie, because after 45 years on PBS, Sesame Street is moving to HBO for the next five seasons. New episodes of the Workshop will air nine months […]


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Jay Leno Contributes Jimmy Kimmel’s Low Ratings To A “Mean Streak”

Bitter party of one as Jay Leno prepares to return to TV on October 7th with CNBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage. In a new interview with TV Insider in the Hollywood Reporter, Leno bagged on Jimmy […]



You Won’t Believe What Happens After You Have A Red Bull Energy Drink!

Ever wonder what happens after you drink a Red Bull energy drink?  Well just like the “Coke” graphic posted last week, someone has broken down the facts! Check it out! See the FULL GRAPHIC HERE

K-EARTH 101–08/14/2015