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One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    Dhani Harrison looks most like his father (George) by far; Sean I would place a close second. Dhani seems to have his dad’s hair, eye brows and alot of his facial looks as well from what I can tell. Sean has John’s eyes.


    1. Abdrgnldy says:


      Now see I agree with ya that Dhani Harrision looked the most like his dad, George. But I thought James came in 2nd for looking like his dad, Paul. I thought Sean looked more like his mom, Yoko.

  2. Cas Barone says:

    In my opiion Dhani Harrison looks mostly like his dad, I agree with Lisa. Paul McCartney son isn’t the most thandsomest….as his dad is.

    Sean always looked like hs dad, alot around the eyes,especially when he was younger, and Ringo’s son is the least look alike.

  3. Judy says:

    Dhani looks most like his Father ( George)

  4. Norma Weinstein says:

    Dhani looks the most like his dad. Sean is a close second, but I think Julian looks more like his dad than Sean.

  5. Bonnie says:

    IMO Dhani is the spitting image of the very handsome George!

  6. Marilyn Kay Ramsay says:

    Dhani looks most like George, but what about Julian??? He looks more like John than Sean does.

  7. JoAnn Chiles says:

    Dhani, most definitely, looks more like his daddy. He even displays his father’s same mannerisms as you can see while watching, “The Concert for George” on DVD. I also think that Julian Lennon looks a lot like his dad.

  8. Remy Nelson says:

    definitely Dhani, George’s son, even sounds like him, but where’s Julian? He not only sounds like his famous dad, also looked just like him more than his younger half brother Sean!

    1. Marilyn Kay Ramsay says:

      That is exactly what we were saying. Where’s Julian??? He does not only look like his father John but his voice is so alike that i have mistaken it for his father.

  9. Phoebus1 says:

    James Mc is 1/2 right…if his idea of excluding Julian and subbing Sean in this band…BAD IDEA! just compare the track record for Julian and Sean…Julian has a better variety of songs, lyrical content…AND sounds alot more like John…since he has 2 Liverpudlian parents…Sean, on the other hand…has a lot of musical influence from his mother….”need I say more?” Seriously James…wake up and smell the crumpets!

    1. Marilyn Kay Ramsay says:

      Why not both Julian and Sean? Even though I totally agree that Julian would be the better choice!

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