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Daryl Hall & John Oates and Tears For Fears at Staples Center
K-EARTH 101 Surf Pig Visits 'The IT Experience'The K-EARTH 101 Surf Pig and Gary Bryan Morning Show visit The IT Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood!
K-EARTH 101's Surf Pig Solar Eclipse Viewing PartyThe K-EARTH 101 Surf Pig Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Cal Tech!
Gary Bryan &Lisa Stanley Award The #YOUANDWHO Grand Prize Winner of Two Chevy Camaros
K-EARTH 101’s Annual USO Comedy Radiothon At The Laugh FactorySee photos from K-EARTH 101's Annual USO Comedy Radiothon at the Laugh Factory featuring Bob Saget, Rob Schneider, Darrell Hammond, Paul Rodriguez and more! It was all to raise money for the Bob Hope USO!
K-EARTH 101’s Totally 80s Live With Bobby BrownCheck out all of the photos here!

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  1. RainbowRay says:

    I wouldn’t call it a curse, would you? It’s a matter of a number of things and I think “patience” s one of them. I’m finding it difficult (being human in all) being “patient” to fall in love with my darling in Memphis soon, but I REALICZE that it will be worth the wait; not everyone wants to do that and I guess few people can, but because of my past and my desire to really expereince “true love ” as it is to make up for every little shitty thing in life that has happened to me, then I BELIEVE it’s worth the sacrifcie (another item on the realtionship list that some people are afraid of making; I have plenty expereicne with that in my life starting from childhood). I think TRUE LOVE is worth the wait (difficult as it is) and MEMPHIS IS TRULY Where I want to welcome back Fiona (who is DEFINATELY WORTH THE WAIT as she has a heart of gold) into my life FOREVER.

    There is more, but these two elements fit the bill right here.

    310 days and counting!

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