Gallery: 'Glee' Stars Go From Tame to Racy In GQ Photo Shoot

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  • John

    I’ll need to study these more closely before giving my opinion. Are there any more !!!

    • Janet

      Really, dude? Are you serious?

    • Laura

      Hah hah U R so funny. What’s there to study? R U a professor of psychology or sexology? ( :

  • Ruby

    WAY TOO MUCH, Do they run around high school in their bra, undies & high heels now?

  • Laurie Ackerman

    Way more than I would like my sophomore in High School to see on television.
    At my daughters school, the the girls would be sent to the Dean and earn detention for that display of inappropriate dress.
    And my daughter has to wear a uniform each day. If her skirt is too short or the shirt too revealing, I am notified immediately.
    So here is notification to Glee from this parent. Please show more not less. Keep in mind who is your audience each week.
    I love your show but would hate to leave it for your discretions due to the lack of dresscode!

  • Janet

    What was the point of this, exactly?? That Glee Club members are closet exhibitionists? Did the show need a ratings boost THAT badly??

    • Laura

      Really!? Did they need more money that badly? I have to shake and scratch my head 4 this 1.

  • Barbara

    Like it or not, they are role models and they certainly aren’t representing anything good.

  • dianne

    I Don’t watch the show but I do think this is very in decent. Don’t they have any shame of what they represent to the younger generation. From what I hear this is a family show and children under the age of 7 should not be seeing this. And teenagers get the wrong idea about what they should wear. It makes the girls think they have to be body perfect and that is not true. Nobody person’s body is perfect.

  • ettaable

    I totally find it sad that we do this to young adults. These photo’s should be in hustler or some other adult magazine… This show was suppossed to show kids that didnt always look like a 10 to feel a part of something… i want no part of this, and am done with the show

  • Binky

    There doing way too much on those photos.

  • Patricia

    Appalling message for and from (supposedly) high school aged kids.

  • maria

    What are they thinking! Isn’t this a kids show? Ya way too racy. Producers should rethink their advertisement.

    • Laura

      I agree. If they are adults then the photos are for the adult in an adult magazine, but don’t use the name of the show and the characters to promote the show in such a sexually promiscuous way. It’s certainly an indirect way of selling sexuality to preteens & young teens in that way, plus encouraging increased pedopheliac behaviors in both men & women bcuz it is using young adults creating an illusion as teenagers in school and that’s not good at all.

  • Michael

    These offend me very much and this is way I don’t watch T.V. that much now. This and other shows are getting way to sexy and showing less and using young body’s to promote their shows. What happen to to good clean family shows. I don’t understand why they have to show less to get ratings.

  • richard

    No way !!! ….really now…….!……

  • Olivia

    They have undeniably great bodies, but the pictures are not sexy and definitely reflect actors trying to secure their spot in the limelight. Unfortunately the pictures only show how lame they are, too bad I thought the “Quinn” actress was a classic beauty, not a glorified stripper (without the pole).

  • Jay

    It’s right up there with the celebrity Calvin photos. Why aren’t we talking about that this morning?

  • Bluecjay

    This is trashy. These actors portray highschool teenagers; this is unacceptable!

  • Jim fernish

    Are the photos racey…
    I dont know, but I will bet a box of donuts that when the two girls in the photos, have a couple of teenagers, they will never show there 13 year daughter’s the photos!


  • Ohtuwe

    Way too SEXY.. come on who dresses like that to go to High School? Just too much skin showing there. I don’t approve at all!

  • OLGA


  • Laura

    If its adult then let it be adult, if its not for kids then parents are responsible for making sure their kids don’t watch stuff too adult for them. What’s wrong with the media and entertainment industry to make them believe that is o.k. to try to lure young kids with sexually explicit information indirectly using the illusion of young adults pretending to be teenagers not even high school graduates but students. I don’t know if it would be any different for college setting since there are young teenagers in college also that are still naive and vulnerable. Selling sex to adults is one thing, making it available to kids and young teenagers is just not a good outcome to society in the long run.

    A responsible parent is responsible for monitoring what their child/ children see and hear on t.v, radio, magazines and other media, so while this magazine is an adult magazine the fact that young adult women are portraying young underage teenage in school is certainly a cause for concern, it’s like encouraging a pedophile imagination and arousing further curiosity if they haven’t already gone over the edge. Do the people who think that this is o.k have a child/ children?, and if they do what would they think if their young child or family member got participated in sexually exposed media.

    I am a mother of 2 young girls, 1 preteen and it’s my God given duty and responsibility as a parent to be a good steward to not just my kids but anyone.

  • Sergio

    The poses were provacative, but have you been to a high school lately? People are picking on them because they are famous. If you don’t like them just don’t look at them.

  • Geri Bryan

    The photos weren’t necessary and it looks like the show has reached its peak and jumped the shark. It’s all downhill for them now. :(

  • Beth

    I’ll never understand why they have to resort to these kinds of outfit and poses.. Specially Lea who plays Rachel. In the show she looks like the one trying hard and in these poses just confirmed that,. The girls look trashy and more like soft porn. They are already a hit show but why ? Why degrade yourself with these. No one needs to do this unless you dont respect yourself…

    • Elizabeth

      I love this show! Once again, our young women in the industry have to degrade themselves in order to make a few more bucks. Why girls??? Are you really that hard up for the money or just hard up? It’s too bad (Rachel and Quinn) had to sell themselves (whores) to gain fame and popularity. Now they are just the typical , Hollywood, stupid bimbos!!!

  • Dorothy

    Are you kidding me. This is not how you portray teenage girls…what are they thinking????

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