Lisa Stanley

Lisa Loves Showbiz: George Clooney Threatens To Sue Magazine Over Invasive Photos

“The safety of our children demands I sue.”

K-EARTH 101–07/31/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: ‘Justice League’ Producers Forced To Edit Out Henry Cavill’s Mustache

Superman has a problem, a super mustache problem.

K-EARTH 101–07/26/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: ‘Bachelorette’ Trouble Maker DeMario Jackson Gets Rejected By Britney Spears

He was persistent, that’s for sure, but never hooked up with Spears.

K-EARTH 101–07/25/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: ‘The Bachelorette’ Takes The Remaining Men Home To Meet Her Parents

It’s down to the wire for bachelorette Rachel.

K-EARTH 101–07/25/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Hilary Duff’s Home Burglarized While On Vacation

We say this all the time, if you are on vacation don’t post pictures showing you are on vacation.

K-EARTH 101–07/24/2017

Lisa Love Showbiz: Ben Affleck ‘Batman’ Rumors To Rest

Ben Affleck showed up to Comic Con this weekend to put rumors to rest.

K-EARTH 101–07/24/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: O.J. Simpson’s Parole Conditions

After nine years behind bars, the “Juice” will be on the loose.

K-EARTH 101–07/21/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing

The juice could be on the loose as soon as October 1st if a parole board in Carson City sets him free.

K-EARTH 101–07/20/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Forbes Magazine’s Highest Paid TV Entertainers of 2017

The ranking, which tallies annual earnings for celebrity’s around the world, is comprised 85% of men.

K-EARTH 101–07/20/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Jennifer Lawrence Vomits at Broadway Show ‘1984’

Page Six has reported in the past that theatre goers have been regularly fainting and throwing up at the intense drama.

K-EARTH 101–07/19/2017



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