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Lisa Stanley

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Blac Chyna Gets Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

If you keep up with the Kardashians, then you know this week it’s Rob Kardashian who stepped in it.

K-EARTH 101–07/11/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Rachel Gets Emotion On This Week’s Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay got caught in an avalanche of emotion last night.

K-EARTH 101–07/11/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Daniel Craig Set To Return For Fifth Bond Film

Also back – Adele!

K-EARTH 101–07/10/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Ben Affleck Steps Out With New Girlfriend

It’s official! Ben Affleck has moved on from Jennifer Garner.


Lisa Loves Showbiz: The Remaining Men on The Bachelorette Head To Denmark

Last Night part two of the two night drama continued.

K-EARTH 101–06/28/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Is Back But With New Rules

They call it good, we call it boring!

K-EARTH 101–06/28/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kelly Osbourne Is Refused Restroom Access At New York Starbucks

She took to Twitter to call out the coffee branch, but not everyone was on her side.

K-EARTH 101–06/26/2017

Tom Cruise

Lisa Loves Showbiz: New Memoir Reveals Tom Cruise’s Steamy Past

 I guess it really was risky business for Tom Cruise.

K-EARTH 101–06/26/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: NASA Calls Out Gwyneth Paltrow For False Claims

Her lifestyle brand, Goop, posted a product on their site advertising healing stickers were made with the same carbon fibers NASA uses to make their Astronauts space suits.

K-EARTH 101–06/23/2017

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Johnny Depp Stirs Up Controversy With Trump Joke

After he said it, Depp knew he stepped in it.

K-EARTH 101–06/23/2017



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