Brandon Castillo

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Skydiver Has A Close Encounter With A Meteorite!

Wow! What are the chances of this happening? This is the first time that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after its light goes out!
Check out the video!

K-EARTH 101–04/04/2014

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Must See! How A Guy and Girl Drives!

The common myth of how guys and girls drive are often disputed.  But believe us, after you watch this video, we know you’ll be convinced on the obvious differences! Is this accurate? Check out the video!

K-EARTH 101–04/03/2014

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Watch A Lamborghini Aventador Get Wrecked In A Split Second!

Watch what happens when a speeding Lamborghini Aventador gets airborne in a crash! This happened in a fancy neighborhood in London! The car is valued at about $400,000! Yikes! Check out the video!

K-EARTH 101–04/02/2014

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See What An 8.2 Earthquake In Chile Looks Like On Video!

We’ve all seen the footage of the 5.1 earthquake that hit La Habra on Friday night.  That was a pretty frightening experience! Now look at the footage from last night’s 8.2 earthquake that struck off [...]

K-EARTH 101–04/02/2014

Photo by Brandon Castillo

Gary Bryan Gets Pranked On April Fool’s Day! Take A Listen!

So this morning Lisa Stanley had to leave early to go to her Long Beach Grand Prix Pro-Celebrity race press event so we asked our programming assistant Claudia Rubio to come in and help Gary [...]

K-EARTH 101–04/01/2014

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Where Do All The Baseball Fans Live In The United States?

With the baseball season in full swing, Facebook examined which of the 30 teams are most popular in each county, by Facebook likes of their team pages. Most teams win only in their respective geographic [...]

K-EARTH 101–04/01/2014

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Angels Got Off To A Very Painful Start!

Last night was opening day for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Not only did the drop their season opener to the Seattle Mariners 10 to 3, they also suffered a loss during the ceremonial [...]

K-EARTH 101–04/01/2014

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REAL EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the new Star Wars Episode 7 Movie!

The new Star Wars Episode 7 movie is currently in production and we have got our hands on some top secret “leaked” footage from the film! You need to watch it now before the attorneys make [...]

K-EARTH 101–04/01/2014

Photo credit: FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/Getty Images

Cameras Were Rolling During Friday’s 5.1 Earthquake

This Friday’s 5.1 one Earthquake that struck at 9:09 pm has another reminder that we all live in “Earthquake Country”! Being that this quake struck on a busy Friday night, there were many cameras that [...]

K-EARTH 101–03/31/2014

Photo By K-EARTH 101

Brandon and Tim Watch the Auto Club 400 In Fontana!

Over 100,000 race fans headed to the Inland Empire this weekend to catch the Auto Club 400 from the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana! Brandon the Producer and Timmy the Cabana Boy went over to watch and report back!

K-EARTH 101–03/24/2014