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VIDEO: Dad Teaches His Son Not To Be Afraid After The Paris Attacks

A young French boy’s conversation with his father about the “bad guys” who carried out the terrorist attacks in Paris has resonated around the world. The little boy and his father were visiting a memorial […]

K-EARTH 101–11/18/2015

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Elderly Man Shows Younger Man How To Tie A Tie On The Subway!

Most people learn how to tie a tie from a parent, YouTube or, if they’re lucky enough, a friendly stranger on the subway. A photo that spread around the Internet shows an elderly man teaching a […]

K-EARTH 101–11/17/2015

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VIDEO: Really Bad Trumpet Player Tries To Play The Wedding March!

We all have that one family member that says “hey I can play an instrument”!!  Then that family member decides that you don’t need to hire a band to play the “Wedding March” song on […]

K-EARTH 101–11/16/2015

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VIDEO: Irish Tourist Holds The GoPro Camera Wrong Way On His Trip To Vegas!

So this guy gave his Dad his GoPro Camera while he was in Las Vegas.  He did not, however, instruct him on how to use it.  So his dad took videos of his entire trip […]

K-EARTH 101–11/16/2015

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Did Gavin Rossdale Cheat On Gwen Stefani With The Nanny That Looks Like Her?

Photographs posted on Facebook by Mindy Mann, the nanny alleged to have had an affair with Gavin Rossdale, show her in a series of poses that are similar to her boss Gwen Stefani. Wearing lookalike black […]

K-EARTH 101–11/12/2015

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Gary Bryan Welcomes Dayna Devon To The Studio

It was a sad day in the K-EARTH 101 family with the loss of Lisa Stanley’s dog “Molly“.  Lisa needed to take care of some business so she asked her good friend Dayna Devon to […]

K-EARTH 101–11/10/2015

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VIDEO: Is This The World’s Longest iPhone Security Code?

A commuter in Japan was filmed unlocking their phone with what is thought to be the world’s longest pass code. Footage taken on a train shows a man using one hand to rattle out at […]

K-EARTH 101–11/09/2015


VIDEO: Japanese Star Wars Movie Trailer With New Footage!

A trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just showed up on Disney Japan’s YouTube account, and it’s full of NEW footage. You’ll see Rey and Finn first introducing themselves, BB-8 watching an explosion, Han leading […]

K-EARTH 101–11/06/2015

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VIDEO: Woman Orders Starbucks Coffee Using Sign Language

Rebecca King, who is deaf, recently pulled up to the drive-thru at her local Starbucks in Florida on Monday, the last thing she expected was a barista to communicate with her in sign language. Check […]

K-EARTH 101–11/06/2015

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FUNNY VIDEOS: Dog and Cat Both Scared By Loud Noises!

Sometimes “loud noises” and pets don’t mix! Here’s a perfect example!  Watch this cat’s reaction to the sound of a car horn mixed with Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”!   And not to be […]

K-EARTH 101–10/27/2015


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