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5,000 Homeless Get Hot Thanksgiving Meal At Los Angeles MissionGiant pots of food are being prepped as chefs and celebrities prepare to serve a feat for the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission's Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanksgiving Poll: Who's Most Likely to Say Something Inappropriate at Dinner?Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and as we prepare to stuff the turkey as well as ourselves with a bountiful holiday feast, we might also want to prepare for the inevitable during our family get-together -- awkward and inappropriate comments.
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Why Is Arlo Guthrie’s ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ a Thanksgiving Anthem?Guthrie famously tells the story of a littering incident between him and a police officer, and its effect on his status when trying to enter the Vietnam War through the draft. The incident happened on Thanksgiving Day, according to Guthrie, and part of the song involves his Thanksgiving dinner with Alice and his friends.
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