Lisa Loves Showbiz: Has Ben Affleck Backed Out of Playing Batman?

Looks like we may need a new Batman. According to Casey Affleck, brother Ben has backed out of The Batman.

Casey says his brother will not be returning as The Caped Crusader for a stand-alone feature following Justice League.

Casey says, “I thought he was an OK Batman, no he was great, he’s a hero so he had something to channel and work with there, but he’s not going to do that movie, sorry to say.”

He then realized what he said out loud and immediately back pedaled saying, “Is that breaking news? Cause I was just kind of making that up. I don’t know.”

Officially, the studio said Affleck was its Batman, and he was going to stay that way.

Even Ben told the crowd at comic con last month that he would not be exiting the role.

Stay tuned!

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