Lisa Loves Showbiz: Daniel Craig Set To Reprise His Role As James Bond

It turns out that Daniel Craig might love money more than he hates James Bond. Remember when he said, “I’d rather slash my wrists than play James Bond again?”

Well, we may remember that, but Daniel Craig clearly doesn’t, because guess who’s getting ready to stir that martini again.

It’s looking like Craig will be back as Bond. He’s already the second longest serving Bond, acting in a total of four films.

They say he’s played the role for 4,147 days, almost 12 years since beginning his tenure in October 2005.

Roger Moore is currently the longest serving 007. He played Bond for 5,118 days, and starred in seven Bond films.

James Bond 25 is set to shoot in Croatia by the end of the year, and Hollywood know-it-alls say Danny Boy’s ready, this is just his hard-to-catch play.

He may hate filming those Bond movies, but he clearly doesn’t hate the Bond Benjamin’s.

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  1. Sean Connery starred in six official and one ” unofficial” films as James Bond.

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