Funny Or Creepy? Old Spice Debuts ‘The Mandroid’ In New Ads

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Photo credit:  Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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In the past, Old Spice has been known to release some very off-kilter ads to promote its line of men’s hygiene products (see: The Mom Song). But the company’s newest spokesperson, or droid rather, is giving a new meaning to the word ‘creepy.’

The company recently unveiled its newest marketing campaign featuring a half-human, half-robot character dubbed ‘The Mandroid,’ according to Mashable, and we’re not sure if we should be laughing or running in the other direction.

In one video, The Mandroid hits the beach where he falls over a woman sun-bathing, nearly crushing her. But she doesn’t mind because he smells so good with the Old Spice products he’s using.

In a second commercial, The Mandroid picks up a lady on the dancefloor only to have his face completely fall off, exposing all his circuits and wiring underneath. This may seem like a deal-breaker, but the woman continues to flirt with the freshly-scented Mandroid, despite his face, you know, falling off.

So what do you think? Are Old Spice’s new ads starring The Mandroid funny or creepy? Vote below!

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