Morning Show Poll: Do You Shower With Your Pet?

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Photo credit:  TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

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This morning, we told you a story about a Chihuahua, named Bailey, that got stuck in the bathtub while its owners were attempting to give it a bath on Sunday in Sacramento.

The owners explain that Bailey “jumped up and when he came down, his foot landed in the drain and it got stuck.” The owners couldn’t wriggle his foot free, so they called animal control for professional help.

“The dog was really stuck and was getting really upset about being stuck,” said animal control officer Mechelle Crites. An hour later, more reinforcements were called in. Veterinarian Jean Rabinowitz came and gave Bailey a shot to knock him out. Firefighters were eventually able to free Bailey from the bath, but the tub was destroyed.

Then we got on the topic of some pet owners who take showers or baths with their pets. Not just bathing them in the tub, but actually taking a shower with them, and we were surprised to hear how many owners do shower with their pets! Take a listen to the full story below.

Do you shower with your pet?


Do you shower with your pet? We want to hear from you! Call up at 1-800-232-KRTH with your story and vote below!



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