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Fans Help Create Paul McCartney’s Lyric Video For “Save Us”

When Paul McCartney asks for fans’ help, they certainly deliver. Macca recently prompted his legion of fans around the world to pick a line from his latest single “Save Us” from his 2013 release New and interpret the lyric in a creative way.

The result was McCartney’s first ever fan-created lyric video. After receiving thousands of photo submissions across the globe, McCartney’s team picked out their favorite images to feature in a mesmerizing lyric video.

The end result was such a success that McCartney plans to release give fans more opportunities to participate on fan-created projects in the future.

“Paul was so impressed with your creativity he has asked that we put our thinking hats on and come up with some more exciting ways to involve you in one of his next projects. So if your photo doesn’t appear this time, remember there will be more chances in the future!” reads a statement on his website.

Watch the fan-made music video for “Save Us” below.

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