David Bowie Reflects On Ziggy Stardust In Animated Interview

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Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images

Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images

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In a resurfaced 1988 interview featured in PBS’ web series Blank On Blank this week, we get to hear David Bowie open up about his rise to stardom, creating his out-of-this-world character Ziggy Stardust and more with interviewer Joe Smith.

“I never really felt like a rock singer or a rock star. I always felt a little bit out of my element” David Bowie says in the animated interview. “Now from my standpoint when I look back, I realize from ’72 through to about ’76 I was the ultimate rock star. I couldn’t have been more rock star.”

Bowie goes on to explain creating his rock star alter ego Ziggy Stardust saying, “He was half out of sci-fi rock and half out of the Japanese theater. the clothes at that time, simply outrageous – nobody had seen anything like him before.”

Bowie touches on why his musical characters have a short life based on his desire to constantly evolve as an artist in order to avoid the “danger of getting into a rut” that so many in the creative arts fall in to. He goes on to talk about working with fellow artists Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and more later in the interview.

Watch the entire interview below.

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