Phil Keoghan Quizzes Gary Bryan On ‘Amazing Race’ Finale

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Phil Keoghan with Gary and Lisa

Phil Keoghan with Gary and Lisa

morning show header The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show with Gary Bryan
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Last Friday, host of The Amazing Race Phil Keoghan joined us live in studio to talk about the season finale of the hit show. Shockingly, our own Gary Bryan admitted that he’s only seen one or two episodes of the show, so he promised Phil that he’d watch the season finale on Sunday.

To prove that he really in fact did stay up to watch the finale, Phil called back in this morning to quiz Gary on the episode!

Here are the questions Phil quizzed Gary about the show:

1. There were three teams who raced to the finish line. Can you tell me the names of the three teams?

2. What is a road block?

3. Were you aware of any records that were broke last night?

4. The big question is, will you now be watching the next season of The Amazing Race.

Now listen below to find out how Gary did on his recap quiz!

Phil Keoghan quizzes Gary

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