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Australian Anchor Cracks Up Over Two Hero Surfers Who Look Like Moses & Jesus

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Photo credit: ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit: ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images

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Host of the Australian morning talk show Today, Karl Stefanovic couldn’t quite keep it together when interviewing a pair of heroic surfer dudes on air. Once the camera cut to the two surfer dudes, who strike a resemblance to Moses and Jesus with their long shaggy hair and beard, the news host couldn’t stop laughing.

The two surfer heroes, Nick Chalmers and Angus McNicol, appeared on the show to give their amazing account of jumping into rough sea waters at Kirra Beach to rescue a pair of French tourists in trouble, reports 9 News.

The two pulled the tourists back to land safe and unharmed, but their recount of the ordeal on the show had the morning show host laughing in hysterics.

Watch the funny clip below!

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