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KTLA’s Chris Schauble ‘Overjoyed’ After Search For Birth Parents

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Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

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KTLA 5 Morning News anchor and friend of the Morning Show’s, Chris Schauble joined us on the phone this morning to talk about his emotional journey to find his birth parents in a special news segment this week.

Chris tells us that he’s “overjoyed” and “emotional” after the search, which resulted in tracking down and reuniting with his birth mother that was all caught by KTLA cameras. At 44 years old, Chris tells us that he’s “never really had a burning desire to find my birth parents,” but now a father himself, Chris was ready to take the steps to learn about his family history.

“The older I get, the more I realize when it comes to the game of life, I’ve checked off a lot of boxes and one of the ones I think that’s not been checked off and leaves me incomplete was knowing my biological history,” explained Chris. “I finally took the steps with the support of KTLA to find my birth parents.”

Having started his search last October and going through plenty of ups and down along the way, it wasn’t until recent weeks that Chris finally tracked down his birth mother. Funnily enough, he points out, his birth mom was located the same day as his now-infamous “earthquake face” went viral.

“The same day of my infamous ‘earthquake face,’ that afternoon I got the call from the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry saying ‘your mother, we identified her, we’ve spoken with her, she wants to talk to you,’ ” he said.

Having dug up some history on before his search, Chris was able to finally confirm his heritage through his search.

“Now I can definitively say that my dad is African American and my mom is of Italian-American descent,” said Chris. “It’s just been an incredible journey and that’s the kind of knowledge and some of the medical history that I’ve been able to gain by speaking with her has been incredible.”

Chris not only spoke with his birth mother, but he did end up meeting with her in person. He recently tweeted a photo of his emotional reunion with his birth mom, Virginia:

Viewers can follow along with Chris’ entire journey on, which includes video of his reunion, photos and more. Listen to our complete interview with Chris Schauble to hear more about his incredible journey below.

Chris Schauble

chris schauble KTLAs Chris Schauble Overjoyed After Search For Birth Parents
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