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Spring Break Then & Now: See How The Party Scene Has Changed Since The ’80s

It’s that time of the year again when many college students are off from school for Spring Break, which means only one thing – wild parties.

Students across the country are traveling out to popular Spring Break destinations like Cancun, Mexico, Panama City Beach, Florida and more to cut loose from their studies and party like there’s no tomorrow in warmer climates.

The Daily Mail has a retrospective gallery that takes a look at how the popular spring break party scene has changed since the ’80s. The gallery shows the differences of how twenty-somethings partied on spring break then and now, and though the fashion may have changed a bit, the wild lifestyle of Spring Break is still the same.

Three decades may have passed since the ’80s, but the three B’s of Spring Break still ring true to this day; beach, beer and bikinis still dominate the wild party scene.

Click here to check out the gallery.


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