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By Popular Demand: Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy” Music Video

So, this morning, The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show played the 1991 dance hit “I’m Too Sexy” by the English duo Right Said Fred, and our listeners went wild! The song, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 in ’91, is considered one of the greatest one hit wonders of all time for its ‘too sexy it hurts’ lyrics.

All this morning, Gary Bryan has been receiving emails from listeners saying how great it was to hear the song played on air. And none of us can hear the song without thinking about the wonderfully cheesy music video for it, right? Biceps and mesh tank tops, need we say more?

So by popular demand, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and featuring the music video this morning! Kick off your weekend by struttin’ your stuff along with Right Said Fred on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk.

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