Real Ronald McDonalds Taste-Test The New Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

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Behold, the Waffle Taco photo by KEARTH

Behold, the Waffle Taco photo by KEARTH

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To ramp up its new line of breakfast items, Taco Bell has enlisted real people “with a VERY specific name” to try out their new menu items for a commercial.

Taco Bell rolled out a hilarious new ad that features about a dozen or so men all named Ronald McDonald taste-testing its new breakfast items. The men, who share the same name as their biggest competitor’s mascot, all give their seal of approval of items including the waffle taco and A.M. Crunchwrap.

According to ABC News, the ad agency behind the viral marketing campaign found about 400 men and women bearing the mascot’s name or some variation of it, and chose the lucky few to star in the commercial. Taco Bell President Brian Niccol said while they were paid to be in the ad, their reactions are real.

The ad that boasts Taco Bell’s “delicious new breakfast that everyone can love, even Ronald McDonald,” will begin to run on Thursday.

Watch it below!

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