Kevin Bacon Recreates ‘Footloose’ Dance Scene On ‘The Tonight Show’

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Photo by Kevin Roche/WBTV via Getty Images

Photo by Kevin Roche/WBTV via Getty Images

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Kevin Bacon’s still got it. During his guest appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, Bacon recreated his most famous movie scene from 1984’s Footloose.

Before bringing out his guest, Fallon broke the news that “dancing has been outlawed” at the Tonight Show, which prompted boos from the crowd, but Fallon insisted that “rules are rules.”

Cut to Kevin Bacon sitting in the green room watching this go down and he’s not having it. He throws a cassette tape into the boom box and starts to cut loose in the most epic solo dance break through the Tonight Show hallways complete with flips and amazing aerobatics (which were probably done by a stunt double, but we can dream).

Upon finishing, Bacon looks up to a crowd full of Tonight Show staffers starring at him, to which he pops back up wearing that iconic maroon prom tuxedo and screams his famous line “Let’s Dance!”

And you better believe that they all kicked off their Sunday shoes and cut loose, Footloose through the halls.

Watch Kevin Bacon recreate the Footloose dance scene below!

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