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Morning Show Poll: What’s The Greatest Breakup Song?

Throughout music history, love has inspired some of the greatest songs of all time (see the greatest love songs according to K-EARTH 101 listeners here), but alternatively, there’s something about having your heart broken that fuels creativity even more.

Sure this week is all about celebrating love leading up to Valentine’s Day, but we can all relate to the other end of the spectrum of getting your heart broken at some point in life, and it’s those experiences that seem to leave a deeper impression. Thankfully, music always comes to the rescue to help mend a broken heart and perfectly expresses all the emotions felt during a breakup.

This morning, we asked K-EARTH listeners to name what they think is the greatest breakup song of all time. Listen below to hear some of the top picks.

What do you think is the greatest breakup song of all time? Vote on the choices below or write in your pick!

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