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Morning Show Poll: What’s The Weirdest Way You’ve Been Dumped?

All this week, we’re celebrating the countdown to Valentine’s Day this Friday, but this morning we decided not to celebrate love per se, but observe the other end of the spectrum — being dumped.

As the great Pat Benatar once said, sometimes love can be a battlefield, and the road leading to love can be a bumpy one. Though, once you find your special someone there’s no greater feeling in the world, even if you do have to go through a few rotten eggs to get there.

So this morning, we asked K-EARTH 101 listeners to share their dumped stories with us and the weirdest ways they’ve had their heart broken. From getting an invitation to your lover’s wedding ceremony with another woman to being broken up over Meatloaf…twice…we commiserate with you and feel your pain. Sometimes, love stinks.

Listen to some of the best dumped stories from K-EARTH 101 listeners in the clip below and share your story in the comments!

Dumped stories

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