K-EARTH 101’s High-Low Cash Kitty Winner #7

A big congrats goes out to Bob S. of Walnut for guessing the correct amount of money in K-EARTH 101’s High Low Cash Kitty #7!! Bob called in with Jim Carson at 1:35pm Friday and gets to take home $3,675 in this Cash Kitty!

So what’s he going to do with all that cash? Bob says he’s going to use the money to pay some bills and maybe take a trip to Vegas, baby!

Congrats again to Bob for keeping track of all the guesses to figure out how much was in the Cash Kitty to win the prize!

A brand new amount from the Cash Kitty will start today (Feb. 7th) at 3:35pm with Shotgun Tom Kelly. Remember, the amount won’t change until it’s correctly guessed. For more information on how to win up to $5,000 and to download a cheat sheet to keep track of the guesses, click here.

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