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How To Play K-EARTH 101’s Beat The Pump!

With gas prices as high as ever, K-EARTH 101 wants to help you ‘Beat The Pump’ by giving you a chance to win up to 101 gallons in FREE gas!

Every weekday morning around 7:20am, The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show will cue listeners to call in and play Beat The Pump live on-air. When you hear Gary Bryan announce Beat The Pump, be the designated caller to 1-800-232-KRTH for your chance to play!

Here’s how to play Beat The Pump:

Once the sound of the pump starts to play, you’ll hear different gallons of gas up to 101 gallons mentioned. Once the player says “Stop,” they will be awarded the NEXT amount of gas to be mentioned. But don’t wait too long to stop the pump, because it could run out of gas!

Click here for contest rules.


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