Five Lucky Foods To Eat For The New Year

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Photo credit: JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit: JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty Images

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With the coming of the new year brings the promise of a new start for many. As you enter the new year on a high note by setting resolutions and goals you want to achieve in 2014, why not start it off with a little luck on your side as well?

Many foods are said to bring in good luck in the New Year when eaten during celebrations. Take a look below at just some of these tasty superstitions according to USA Today.

Legumes – Beans, peas, lentils, what have you. Legumes of all kinds are said to bring in luck because they resemble coins, and coins symbolize wealth and success. An Italian New Year’s tradition is to eat lentils with sausage, which sliced crosswise also resemble coins.

Pork – Because pigs are a sign of good luck in many cultures since they “root forward,” serving pork on New Year’s has become a custom. If you don’t eat pork, the same luck can be found in pig-shaped cookies or marzipan pigs that are often eaten in German/Austrian celebrations.

Grapes – Spain’s ‘twelve grapes of luck’ has been a tradition passed to many different cultures over the years. The tradition is to eat one grape for each month in the first twelve strokes of the clock at midnight. With this mouthful of grapes comes twelve month of good luck, but be careful not to get any sour grapes, which could mean a bad month.

Long Noodles – This Asian tradition of eating long noodles for the New Year signifies long life. Just be gentle with the preparation of the noodles, because breaking or cutting a noodle is bad luck.

Sweets – Sweets of all kinds can bring in good luck, especially if they are round in shape. Many have heard of the tradition of baking a cake with a coin inside. If you end up with the piece with the coin, it’s said to bring good luck for the year.

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