‘After Earth’ Tops The Worst Movies Of 2013

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Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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The votes are in, and topping the worst movies of 2013 is the post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller “After Earth” starring father-son team Will and Jaden Smith.

Fans of bad movie expert site Rifftrax.com were asked to vote on what they thought was the worst film to come out this  year, and an overwhelming 40,000 votes pushed the Smiths sci-fi adventure to the top of the list.

So what made this movie the worst of the year? According to Today, the Riffers write, “In 2000, John Travolta laid down the challenge: ‘You will never, EVER make a big budget sci-fi vanity project with a two-word title, the second word being “Earth,” as colossally awful as the one I have made.’ Thirteen years later Will Smith beat his challenge.”

Coming in second on the list was the TV movie “Sharknado,” which only pulled in about half of the votes as “After Earth.”

Rounding out the top 10 including “Grown Ups 2,” “Movie 43,” “Iron Man 3,” “Scary Movie 5,” “A Good Day to Die Hard,” “R.I.P.D.,” “Man of Steel” and “Lone Ranger.”

What did you think was the worst movie of 2013?

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