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Colin Farrell Opens Up About Friendship With Elizabeth Taylor

There was Oscar and Felix, the ultimate odd couple, until you hear this story about Colin Farrell and Elizabeth Taylor.

Farrell, who stars in the new movie Saving Mr. Banks, was on with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday where he opened up about his growing relationship with Liz just before she died in 2011.

“I’d call her at two in the morning and I’d be on the phone…and we’d talk for a half hour/hour into the wee hours,” he said. “It feels like in my head I’m projecting, but the last kind of romantic relationship I had, which was never consummated.”

He said that he met Liz at the hospital where his son was being born, and she was in the hospital at the same time. He ran into Liz’s manager and asked to be introduced to the star. They then struck up a friendship in the last years of her life, saying that he “just adored her.”

“I wanted to be [husband] No. 8, but we ran out of road,” he joked on Ellen.

Listen to more from Colin’s interview on Ellen in the full Entertainment Report below.

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