‘Selfie’ Is The Word Of The Year

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Photo credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Photo credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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Celebs do it; Politicians dabble in it; and teens are pros at it – these days you can’t go anywhere online without seeing someone posting a ‘selfie.’

In the day and age of social media, uploading photos of oneself to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram has spiked in popularity, so much so that the slang term for taking a self portrait has been dubbed the word of the year.

‘Selfie’ has been named 2013’s Word of the Year by Britian’s Oxford Dictionary after seeing a 17,000% increase in the word’s usage this year, reports CBS News.

The word beat out other popular terms on the shortlist including “twerk,” “binge-watch,” “showrooming” and “bitcoin.”

The key clue to knowing if a photo is in fact a ‘selfie’? Just look for the extended arm in the corner of the photo.

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