Vintage Videos Of Classic Artists At Tower Records

With the news that the iconic Tower Records building will not be preserved as a historic landmark, we’re taking a look back at the storied past of this retailer.

From its opening on the Sunset Strip in 1970, Tower Records was not only a place where music lovers could find the newest music, it was also the place where they could get up close to their favorite artists. The store was host to many in-store performances and meet and greets with artists, and sometimes artists were even customers themselves.

In celebration of this once great music outlet, we found a few vintage videos of classic artists appearing in store at Tower Records. Check them out below!

Elton John picks up a few new tunes at Tower Records.

John Lennon’s Tower Records commercial.

Yes performs live at Tower Records in 1996.

Chevy Chase promotes his 1979 self-title musical comedy album at Tower Records.

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