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Watch Harrison Ford Pierce Jimmy Fallon’s Ear

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Photo credit:  Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Harrison Ford is one of the few male celebrities who can pull off wearing an earring and still look cool. For years, Harrison has sported that single pierced ear, and many fans have followed in his footsteps and gotten one of their own.

The most recent of those fans to get a pierced ear like Ford is none other than late night host Jimmy Fallon, who didn’t just go to a local mall, but had his ear pierced by Ford himself!

Ford was a guest on Jimmy Fallon Friday night to promote his new movie Ender’s Game, and decided to give Fallon his very first piercing.

Jimmy, who’s visibly shaken in the chair, leaves his fate in the hands of a less-than-experienced Ford, but goes through with the piercing live on TV. Just wait until you see the fashionable earring Ford gives Fallon.

Warning: if you’re squeamish around needles, this video is not for the faint of heart.

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