Dead Man’s Party vs. Thriller: Which Is The Better Halloween Music Video?

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Photos by Jason Kempin and AFP/Getty Images

Photos by Jason Kempin and AFP/Getty Images

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Many fans consider Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as one of the best Halloween music videos of all-time. However, this morning, Gary Bryan may have found one music video that could rival the King of Pop; Oingo Boingo’s video for “Dead Man’s Party.”

So we decided to pit these two videos up against each other and let the listeners decide which one is better. Take a look at the two music videos below:

Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party”

The video starts out with claymation skeletons having, what else, a party before launching into footage of Oingo Boingo performing the song at a college party. The song, most well-known for being featured in the Rodney Dangerfield film/soundtrack Back to School in 1986, also features clips from the movie (including cameos from a young Robert Downey Jr.).

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

MJ’s groundbreaking video was more of a cinematic short featuring the King of Pop turning into a werewolf and frightening zombies taking over the street with the now-iconic “Thriller” dance.

Now tell us which one you think is better in the poll below!

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