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Will Ferrell Announces Dodgers’ Starting Lineup Before NLCS Game 5

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Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

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Will Ferrell is everywhere these days to help promote his upcoming movie sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues coming out in December. According to Bleacher Report, Ferrell has recently appeared at the Washington-Oregon football game, and yesterday we showed you a video of Ferrell dressed in full Trojan garb leading the USC Marching Band this week.

Now Ferrell has graced fans with his presence at Wednesday’s must-win Dodgers game against the St. Louis Cardinals to announce the starting lineup. Who knows, maybe Ferrell was the good-luck charm that the team needed to pull off a win 6-4 against the Cardinals and stay alive in the playoffs.

Ferrell put his on comedic spin on the player introductions like “Batting fourth – at first base – number 23, Adrian ‘ay-ay-ay-ay-ay’ Gonzalez” and “batting fifth – in centerfield – number 16, Andre ‘I know you didn’t’ Either” and so forth.

We also learn that Yasiel Puig believes the chupacabra is real and that Juan Uribe is a big fan of Katy Perry.

Watch his hilarious introductions in the video below!

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