Beyonce’s Backstage Demands Revealed

Many times, celebrities’ dressing room demands are pretty far-fetched, but a recent look into Beyonce’s list of demands, we have to say, the singer seems pretty reasonable.

The ‘bootyful’ singer was at a recent video shoot where a newly-obtained tour rider was revealed, reports Contact Music. Among her list of demands, the singer requested that her dressing room be baby-proofed for her 22-month-old daughter Blue Ivy.

She also requested the room be furnished in all white, a similar request as another famous diva, Jennifer Lopez, and that the temperature in the room be set to 72 degrees.

She also asked for a large second room with a massive vanity equipped with stage lighting, so her glam squad could make her look camera-ready.

Now for the serious rules; Beyonce has a strict no-camera policy and no photos are allowed backstage. Also, when they serve her food, it must be served on a crisp, white tablecloth.

Do you think Beyonce’s backstage requests are demanding or pretty sensible? Listen to more in the full Entertainment Report below.

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