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Tim ‘The Cabana Boy’ Paints His Fingernails Blue For The Dodgers!

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Dodger fans will do anything and everything to ensure their boys in blue will make it all the way to the World Series, even if that means going to extremes to show off their Dodger pride.

Dodger Fans

Many fans know all about game day superstitions and are all too familiar with going to extreme lengths in hopes to not jinx the team. After K-EARTH 101 Morning Show’s Tim ‘The Cabana Boy’ thought he was the jinx while watching the games, he decided to try and break the curse by doing something crazy…crazy enough to work.

He painted his fingernails and toenails BLUE!

Yep, Tim shared a photo of the finished product as proof. He didn’t do too shabby of a job, either – take a look:

Tim 'The Cabana Boy' paints his toenails and fingernails blue for Dodgers

Tim ‘The Cabana Boy’ paints his toenails and fingernails blue for Dodgers

Tim’s not the only Dodgers fan going to extreme lengths to show off their Dodgers pride. Brandon The Producer’s cousin Phillip dyed his hair blue for the Dodgers too!

Brandon the Producer's cousin Phillip!

Brandon the Producer’s cousin Phillip!

Do you go to any extreme lengths to show off your Dodger pride? Tell us in the comments below!

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