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The Best Responses From Paul McCartney’s Twitter Q&A

This morning, Sir Paul McCartney marked a ‘first’ in his career by taking fan-submitted questions about his upcoming release New on Twitter.

Needless to say, Paul was flooded with questions tagged with #AskMacca, which fans got to trend worldwide, but the music legend only picked a select few to respond to. Below, we rounded up some of the most interesting responses he gave his fans!

The question: “what do you think about the fact a large amount of your current fans are teenagers?”

The question: “when was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?”

The question: “Are there any current artists you’d like to do a duet with?”

The question:  “What motivates you to keep on producing music?”

The question:  “describe your fans in 3 words?”

The question: “What is the last album you bought ?”

The question: “What was the most memorable moment during the recording of the NEW album. Can you tell us?”

Check out Paul McCartney’s Twitter feed to see even more of his responses to fan questions.

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