Poll: What’s The Strangest Thing You’ve Seen People Do While Driving?

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Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Photo credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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In recent weeks, law enforcement across the country have been cracking down on distracted drivers behind the wheel – and it’s not just people on their cell phones.

A recent report from the Illinois State Police said motorists that were pulled over during a crackdown on distracted drivers in Chicago included a man shaving his face while behind the wheel. They issued citations to 135 motorists for distracted driving, mostly for text messaging while driving.  The distracted driving tickets carry $120 fines, police said.

Here in the traffic capital of the nation, drivers have seen plenty of odd sights of other drivers behind the wheel. Be it ladies doing their makeup, drivers on their cell phones, or, yes, even men shaving their face on the way to work, we’ve all been witness to those “what the?” moments that make us do a double take in traffic.

So, all this morning, we’ve been asking listeners to call in with stories about the strangest things they’ve seen people do in their cars while driving.

Listen below to some of our funny listener stories and tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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