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K-EARTH 101’s On Air Sing-A-Long To “Twist & Shout”

Photo by Central Press/Getty Images

Photo by Central Press/Getty Images

Our guest, YouTube sensation TJ Smith unfortunately didn’t make it to the K-EARTH 101 studios this morning for our planned highway sing-a-long, but Gary Bryan and crew decided to have an on air sing-a-long no matter what!

We asked K-EARTH 101 listeners to call in to the station, and we put them live on air to sing-a-long as we played The Beatles “Twist & Shout”!

We must say, our listeners are a pretty talented bunch.

Listen to the K-EARTH 101 on air sing-a-long to “Twist & Shout” below:

Update: Though he didn’t make it to the studio, TJ called in this morning for a quick talk about how he came up with the concept of his viral video, and promises to come in next week to do a new highway sing-a-long with the Morning Show!

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