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Little Girl Uses Her Cuteness To Blackmail Her Dad Into Buying ‘My Little Ponies’

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kearthevents Britt Bickel
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One adorable three-year-old girl was caught on camera trying to use her cuteness to blackmail her father into buying her a My Little Pony at the toy store.

The father writes in the YouTube video description: “I took Adela to the toy store to buy a present for her friend’s birthday. Of course, she wanted a ‘My Little Pony.’ She wasn’t exactly pleased when I told her we weren’t there to buy her a toy.”

He adds, “After making it clear I wouldn’t be buying her a pony, Adela says to me, ‘If I don’t get any ponies or any horses, I won’t be able to love you anymore.’ My 3-year-old daughter then, essentially, broke up with me and called me old in the middle of the toy store.”

Ouch. Tough break, dad.

Watch the funny video, which has racked up more than 1.2 million views since last week, below!

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