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Nicole Kidman Struck By Paparazzi Riding A Bicycle

It was a terrifying moment for Nicole Kidman Thursday as a paparazzi literally mowed her down while riding a bicycle.

Kidman was struck by freelance photog Carl Wu, who was on his bicycle when he knocked the actress over in front of the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

Kidman was returning to the hotel after attending the Calvin Klein fashion show when Wu slammed into her. According to TMZ, he tried to hit the brakes, but didn’t stop in time and hit her hard enough that she fell to the ground and lost her shoe.

Witnesses say she looked hurt, but there was no blood; she was more shaken up than anything else. Cops were called to the scene and wrote Wu a ticket for illegally riding his bike on the sidewalk, but he was not arrested after the incident.

Kidman was overheard screaming “get his name, I’m going to press charges,” but so far no charges have been filed.

Watch the video of the incident on

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