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How To Fail A Driving Test In Ten Seconds

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If you thought you did a terrible job on your first driving test, it probably wasn’t nearly as bad as this experience.

A woman in Korea failed her driving test faster and crazier than we’ve ever seen after driving off the road and rolling the car over.

The dashboard camera captured the whole incident on video, as the woman runs into the bushes on the slope, causing the car to flip over. The instructor can be heard telling her to brake as the car speeds down the hill.

According to the translation on Huffington Post, after the woman crashes the car, she exclaims “Oh my God, oh my God, what should we do?”

The instructor responds, “That’s why I told you to put your foot on the brake.”

Thankfully, they were both okay after the accident. The video has racked up over 2.5 million views since being uploaded on July 29th.

Did you ever fail your driver’s test? Tell us in the poll below!

We spoke to lots of listeners who shared their own driver’s test horror stories, including one from an actual driving examiner! She tells us about one student driver who drove them the wrong way on the 10 Freeway! Listen below.

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