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Morning Show Poll: Who Has The Better Selfie – Lisa Stanley Or Geraldo Rivera?

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Well, things got weird on Twitter over the weekend when Geraldo Rivera showed off more than the world bargained for in a revealing shirtless selfie he posted on his page.

Geraldo, appearing fully nude and covered only by a carefully-placed towel, unabashedly flaunted his toned physique in the semi-nude photo, writing “70 is the new 50.”

After he tweeted the revealing selfie, the Twitterverse went into a frenzy over the image they can never unsee, which Geraldo later took down after realizing its impact online and wrote, “note to self: no tweeting after 1am.”

While there’s no doubt Geraldo looks great for his age, the photo may have been too much for the world to handle at this time.

Geraldo’s revealing photo reminded us of a few years back when our Lisa Stanley proudly showed off her great bikini bod when she turned 50 in her own selfie, so we wanted to know – who has the better body selfie… Lisa or Geraldo?

Take a look at the pics below and vote!

Lisa Stanley:

Photo courtesy of Lisa Stanley

Photo courtesy of Lisa Stanley

CLICK HERE to see Geraldo Rivera’s shirtless selfie, then VOTE BELOW!

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