The Surfaris’ Bob Berryhill On How Much “Wipe Out” Makes In Royalties

The Surfaris are playing at the Glendale Cruise Night this Saturday, July 20th and of course many music fans know this local Cali band by its biggest hit from 1963, “Wipe Out.”

This one song helped put the group on the map and has forever become part of music history for its unmistakable guitar hook and catchy groove that has become synonymous with beach culture.

This morning, we spoke to original Surfaris guitarist Bob Berryhill about how much the group has made in royalties from this single song over the years.

“There are plenty of songs that are historic like that that are played all over the world,” said Bob. “There’s an amount of money, and [Wipe Out] has been played over five million times. You get a nickel for every one of those times it plays, and that can add up.”

The reason it’s added up so much over the years, he said, is because, “everybody plays it. It’s been in fifty movies, hundreds of commercials and The Wipeout TV show, different bands play it.”

Catch The Surfaris performing at the Glendale Cruise Night this Saturday! For more details on the event, click here.

Listen to our full interview with Bob in the clip below:

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