The Delivery Suite For The Royal Baby Comes With A Royal Price Tag

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Credit:  Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson thought they were royalty when it came to delivering their newborns, but they’ve got nothing on real royalty.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, is said to be getting a 15 thousand-dollar delivery suite. According to The NY Post, there will be champagne, luxury toiletries and a reclining chair for Prince William. Not only that, they say top chefs will be on hand to whip up whatever Kate and William fancy to eat.

The royal baby is due any day now, and Kate is expected to stay in St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, central London for a couple of days after delivery, and at $9,450 for a one-night stay with no complications and $3,318 for each extra night, that is a royal baby.

Get this – Jersey Shore’s Snooki even offered up some advice for the royal mom-to-be, saying “In the beginning when you take your royal golden nugget home to the castle, it is the most exciting experience, until the no sleep thing happens. But you will get used to it, so just do your makeup and put on a tiara and you’ll look beautiful as usual.”

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