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Commercial Jingles Mashed Up Into One Minute Medley

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Commercial jingles are designed to get stuck inside our heads and associate with the product its selling, and some are so memorable that they become bigger than the brand itself. One musician decided to take some of those iconic jingles and mash them up into a single medley that includes brands from Meow-Mix to Folgers.

YouTube star Chad Neidt is known for his creative music mashups, but this time he enlisted the help of his online fanbase for a collaborative jingle mashup. He posted the final one-minute medley of popular commercial jingles suggested by fans and even included their comment in the video as he sang each one.

Using the best suggestions, Neidt sings the tag-line of all those well-known jingles into one giant music medley.

How many jingles can you pick out? Watch below!

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