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If John Lennon Auditioned For ‘The Voice’…

There’s no question that John Lennon is one of the greatest voices and songwriters in music history. His prolific catalog has inspired generations of artists and messages of peace, love and equality all over the world.

But what if Lennon were just starting his career in this day and age where so many artists get their start on singing competition shows? While Lennon never had to try out to be on a show like The Voice to launch his career, we can’t help but wonder, would the legendary Beatle even make it through the blind audition if he had?

Well, we muse what would happen if Lennon did have to audition for a singing competition show like The Voice…take a listen below.

Bonus: Watch the full video of Lennon singing his classic hit “Imagine” in the blind auditions if he were on The Voice:

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