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‘Star Trek’ Creator, Gene Roddenberry, To Get Final Resting Place In Space

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the hit sci-fi franchise Star Trek, will reach the final frontier when his ashes are transported to space for his final resting place, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Roddenberry’s late wife Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who appeared on Star Trek the Next Generation as Lwaxana Troi, and James Doohan, the actor who played Scotty, will also have their remains sent into deep space as part of plans to create a space archive.

Houston company Celestis, which has been taking remains on flights to space for 16 years, is behind the Summerjammer Solar Sail Mission from Cape Cod in November 2014. This mission is the first to enter deep space and will orbit the sun between Earth and Venus.

Ashes of Roddenberry have been on flights into space  before, but this time his remains will stay in space as part of the archive.

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