The Most Outrageous Demands Made In Celebrity Prenups

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Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

lisa-stanley Lisa Stanley
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As you know, most celebrities usually sign prenups before they sign their marriage license, and you won’t believe some of the crazy demands in some of them.  It might not sound so romantic and probably won’t hold up in court, but that isn’t stopping some celebs from adding in outrageous lifestyle clauses to their prenups.

For starters, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg’s prenup has a clause that says his wife, Priscilla Chan, requires one “non-virtual night” a week with her media mogul hubby, or he has to pay up.

For Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, she gets a $5 million bonus on top of her $2.8 million payup per year if Douglas cheats. Jessica Biel, who just married pop star Justin Timberlake, has a similar cheat clause, but hers only nets a half million extra is Justin cheats.

Country crooner and Idol judge Keith Urban has a clause that says he won’t get a penny from his wife, Nicole Kidman’s fortune if he uses illegal drugs.

But do these outrageous prenup clauses really hold up in court? At the end of the day, experts say the so-called “love contracts” have more of a psychological impact than a legal one.

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